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uTorrent is a fast and easy to use BitTorrent client (a program that enables peer-to-peer file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol) with many useful features.

The first thing that will surprise you about this powerful application is its incredibly small size (around 2 MB).
This means that the installing process is fast, and each time you run uTorrent, only a small amount of your system resources will be used.
The program runs in the background, without interfering with the rest of your activities.
The user-friendly interface allows you to organize your downloads and apply various options, such as start, pause, stop, delete, and managing and opening the downloaded files from the uTorrent window.
uTorrent is intuitive and you don’t need a help file to figure out how it works.
Apart from downloading your favorite videos, music, games and applications from the Internet, uTorrent comes with other less known features as well.
The RSS feature allows you to subscribe to feeds and have new files auto-downloaded. Moreover, you can establish priorities among your torrents by scheduling bandwidth and limiting speed.
The options referring to bandwidth can be applied both manually and automatically. uTorrent auto-adjusts bandwidth after assessing your network, so you can still run other applications without any inconvenience.
Downloads are performed quickly without affecting system performance and they can even be paused when user activity is detected.
Another useful feature is that no matter where you are you can access uTorrent with u
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