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BITCOIN wallet

If you do not already have a BITCOIN wallet, first create an account on the Blockchain site or on the CoinBase site. Once you have created an account, then create your own public BITCOIN address. You will collect BITCOIN at that address. Also, from this site you can transfer BITCOIN to any other BITCOIN address.

BITCOIN micro wallet

If you do not already have micro wallets for BITCOIN, then first create accounts on sites: CoinPot , FaucetSystem , FaucetHub . These micro wallets will be used to collect current payments for the sites for the profit (faucet), and then from the micro wallet from these few sites, transfer BITCOIN to your wallet on CoinBase.

Earn BITCOIN - faucet list

Now that you have your own BITCOIN wallet, you can start making BITCOIN. Below is a list of sites for profit (faucet). You earn SATOSHI on them (the smallest unit of BITCOIN). The sites are grouped by payment method. Some sites are currently being paid through a micro wallet, and some of them need to collect SATOSHI on the site itself, and then transfer to your BITCOIN address.
faucet Reward Interval Payment method Payment treshold 30-80 60 direct 30000 100-300 1440 direct 10000 5-150 5 CoinPot instant 5-5000 15 CoinPot instant 5-25 5 CoinPot instant 15-50 5 FaucetSystem instant 15-50 5 FaucetSystem instant 41-1001 150 FaucetSystem instant 45 40 FaucetHub instant 50 180 FaucetHub instant 50 720 FaucetHub instant 50 1440 FaucetHub instant 50-125 1440 FaucetHub instant 55 1440 FaucetHub instant
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Earn BITCOIN ::: A site where you can find information about BITCOIN and how to earn it by visiting faucet sites. There is also our list of the best faucet sites. ...